Elie Mougel is the founder and Director of the MOUGEL PROJECTS.

He has also created the global brand International Property Source or IPS. He was born in Strasbourg, France, and has lived all over the world from a young age including the USA, New Zealand, Australia and New Caledonia. After graduating from Arizona State University in 2002 with a business management degree, he continued traveling and started to build the IPS real estate brand we find today. Elie has over 13 years of experience in finance and real estate, working as a financial analysts for Morgan Stanley, Dean Witter. As a mortgage broker, he gained a lot of knowledge and expertise along the way. He is a true entrepreneur with over 15 business’s ranging from real estate, property management, business development, and investment fund amongst others. MOUGEL PROJECTS has grown into a global brand with representation and offices in the USA, Europe, France, New Zealand, Tahiti, New Caledonia and now Australia. Elie strives to obtain and deliver the best profits and guidance for investors who are investing locally and abroad. Elie and MOUGEL PROJECTS is creating a lifestyle and a certain high level of living in real estate globally ! Imagine being part of the construction process and completion of your dream home, having a 24hr concierge service with all the amenities of a hotel in your holiday home, whilst also making high net returns when you are not profiting from your amazing property. Allow MOUGEL PROJECTS to lead the way, a new innovation in real estate !


The main objective of the design brief was to keep intact the views toward the Remarkables Range and open the home up toward the reserve on the east side. The client’s wish was to create a home which would give all the inhabitants feeling of privacy, openness and space while maintaining a minimal impact on the existing landscape and complementary to its dramatic alpine setting.


Taking into account the east west orientation of the lot and close proximity of the neighbours on the north and south side, the decision was made to create main living areas to the west and east. The client is aware of the predominance of sun from the north and west. However, in his view the position of the section with its uninterrupted views to the Remarkables Range demands that this view is the center of the design for the house and the very reason he purchased this lot. In response to the shape of the section, the dwelling is a simple form of two gable roofed pavilions joined with a flat roof section; unfolding out on two levels with 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. The home merges with the land through its design, using its elevation to create a floating feeling artfully and respectfully merged with its surrounds via landscaping on the west side, and nestling comfortably within the land on the east side. The abundance of indigenous native plants makes the dwelling form to be subservient to the wider landscape. The feeling is supported by a natural palette of materials with recessive tones and the high regard that the design gives to solar shelter and screening.


Lot 2061 is located at 22 Falconer Rise. The section rises from the Falconer Rise street level toward the east. The section is uneven with a deep dip in the middle of the section, and level in other parts (please refer to the contour map). The neighbouring lot on the north side is falling away from the subject lot, while the lot on the south side is level with the subject lot. The section borders a reserve at the eastern border. The lot size is 824sqm and proposed site coverage is 22% (compliant with Rule 1.2 Site Coverage of Jacks Point Design Guidelines 2013). The dwelling sits on east west axis.


There are lounge areas on each level, with a sauna, laundry and double garage on the ground level, and open plan living/ dining /kitchen area with an open space complementary wine cellar, and foyer on thetop level. A generous outdoor living area extends to the east where the gas fire pit rests under cover, with a spand further outdoor dining area also under potential cover. There is provision for solar panels on the roof and a number of skylights throughout the home add natural light into the home. Discrete vertical window panels on the north wall of the living areas maximized the direct sunlight into the home while allowing privacy for the occupants. The west side of the house generates substantial amount of long sunshine hours while the east side offers fantastic views to the Remarkables. The design is breaking the Rule 3.5 Windows / Glazing & Doors (Façade Articulation) with East Elevation exceeding allowable 30% due to the above stated reasons. The design maintains the logical relationship within the façade, with a consistent proportions and arrangements between each window (Rule 3.5.1) and doesn’t compromise the privacy of an adjoining neighbour (Rule 3.5.3) as there is no neighbours. The remedial controls are thermal curtains and Low E argon filled thermally broken windows. The total floor size is 305sqm.


Complying with Rule 3.4 Garages, On site Parking & Accessory Building JP Design Guidelines 2013, a double car garage is provided which is accessed off Falconer Rise. Ample guest parking and onsite turning area is also provided. The outdoor service area and clothes lines are located on the south side of the dwelling. This area is screened by timber slatted 1.8m high fence and other appropriate landscaping measures as per landscape plan to comply with Rule 2.3 Site Utilities, Wastewater Tanks & Exterior Service Areas Parking JP Design Guidelines 2013. The exterior lighting will be low intensity, indirect light sources with attachments to direct light and minimize light pollution as per Rule 2.6.1 and 2.6.2 Exterior Lighting JP Design Guidelines 2013.